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Other things GDS has been writing lately

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GDS is a busy place. We’ve got quite a few blogs running and many of us write elsewhere too. Here are a few recent things that may be of interest to those following the technology blog.

Ben Firshman wrote about making feed links more accessible to our users. That's been a contentious issue around the team, with plenty of questions about whether it's okay to refer to our atom feeds as RSS, and questions like that. It's definitely an area where understanding the users is helpful.

Neil Williams wrote about the work Edd Sowden did on visualising collaboration between departments on GOV.UK content. Perhaps we should get Edd to write about how we did it for this blog?

Ash Chohan wrote that it looks like users of GOV.UK are appreciating being able to preview CSV files. There's lots of work going on around CSV at the moment (Jeni Tennison's been calling 2014 the year of CSV) and it's great to see a way in which a small change on GOV.UK can have a big impact.

Anna from the Cabinet Office Technology team wrote about what they're learning from their user research and how new tools and devices are making an impact on peoples' days.

We're in the process of building a user research lab at GDS so we can get more people involved in doing the research. Kate Towsey's written about progress on that.

Davina's been working on a particularly complex project as part of our transformation team and has written a series of posts about setting the right analysis rhythm, starting with this piece.

As people who build and run software it's easy to forget that terms like "beta" aren't widely understood outside of our networks. Amy's written on the design blog about how we're communicating the idea of beta to users.

On the main GDS blog (recently moved to, Tom Loosemore wondered when more people would visit GOV.UK using a mobile or tablet than a PC, there was an interview with Josh Marshall about accessibility and Janet Hughes wrote a great overview of our Identity Assurance Programme that will hopefully make it a lot clearer to people.

If this sounds like a good place to work, take a look at Working for GDS - we're usually in search of talented people to come and join the team.

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