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Links from around GDS for 3rd October 2014

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Occasionally we like to call attention to links and other short-form substance from around GDS (we last published one of these in January 2014).

Junior developer Tommy Palmer has written about his experience as a junior developer working on GOV.UK. Lots of good thoughts in there, especially about impostor syndrome and the power of empowered agile teams.

Related to that, Alice Barlett has written about her first six months at GDS. It's a very thoughtful post that we think is essential reading for anyone interested in technical culture.

Dan Carley has written (on this blog) about acceptance testing new CDN providers, and how to normalise behaviours of various providers using automated testing. Written entirely in Go.

The Chief Technical Architect for HM Government, Kevin Humphries, has written more about the new central architecture function for government, and what sorts of systems they'll be targeting.

An update on identity assurance: GOV.UK Verify is entering public beta in October. This is a major step forward for the team, and we're looking forward to opening it up to the public.

Not technical, but an insight into how one of GDS's biggest units functions: Neil Williams has shared the updated GOV.UK roadmap for September (more about how the roadmap works on the Mind the Product blog)

GOV.UK has released some guidance about how to effectively use GitHub pull requests within teams (more about how we use Git and GitHub on the blog). We hope there's something there for everyone who works collaboratively or remotely.

At GDS we work at the intersection of data and user needs, so Lana's post on an effective dashboard for the GOV.UK transition is very helpful for thinking about the user needs behind dashboards, and how to make them better.

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