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Navigating Microsoft 365 guidance for UK government digital, data and technology professionals

3d fingerprint cyber secure icon. Digital security authentication concept.

In an unprecedented age where secure and efficient collaboration is paramount, the Central Digital and Data Office has taken a significant stride forward by collaborating with Microsoft and the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) to develop comprehensive guidance for the …

Help us make government more sustainable

People looking at post-it notes on the wall during a GDS workshop

We’re currently working to add a new point on sustainability to the Technology Code of Practice. We’re adopting a user-led and iterative approach to policy to ensure the new point is as useful and effective as possible.

Building a trusted infrastructure for electoral registration

GOV.UK Register to vote screen on an iPhone

The team behind Register to Vote explains how they improved the infrastructure it runs on, helping to modernise a service that has so far been used 37 million times.